Flower shirt with what pants summer boy shorts collocation

Summer is coming, we need to prepare some fresh and dazzling wear, the summer is the need for fresh and natural dress, so that it will not be too hot. Girls can wear skirts, but boys can not, boys can only simple style dress, such as a shirt or short sleeve, watermelon prince children's classic shirt, T-shirt with these two summer must beat a single product with it? First start with the flower shirt it, short-sleeved shirt with the summer is naturally to wear short-sleeved style, short-sleeved shirt, white is the main color, chest Floral floral embellishment, instantly make the white shirt dazzling, Bottom with floral shorts, pants version of the design, there are a lot of bright eyes on the whole, not only girls can wear floral flowers, boys can also oh. Floral T-shirt with flower T shirt boys wear not too eye-catching Oh, quickly take a look at it, Floral can be a low-key color, T-shirt style can also be V-neck design, lower body with a white denim pants , Summer dress up tips, a pair of pants, a T-shirt can be, or a short-sleeved shirt on it.