Short paragraph down jacket down jacket with a short paragraph

Some good at matching women with clothing, always give their clothing to find a good combination of what jacket with backing, can easily deal with. Need to focus on the winter clothing with a short paragraph is the skill coat, long section of the clothing can only be used with shoes, and short section shirt shirt shirt, lower body equipment more complicated, with leggings, skirts , Shorts and so on, the shoes can also have different ways with the match with the day's shoes look how collocation. Li Si Women recommend two short-sleeved down jacket match, master with skills, each dress is with practice. We are in a clothing style match, but can not ignore the combination of color is appropriate. Such as Li Si this magenta short paragraph down jacket, the first coat bright colors, then the color of the primer shirt can not collide with a beige lace primer shirt to match the black lace skirt as the main match, the color does not collide, Appropriate style suitable, a lady with a partial way. This section Li Si women short down jacket to low collar design by consumers, more able to reflect the female foundation. Low-necked short paragraph is to some extent, is used to reflect the characteristics of primer clothing, because the top of the collar and under the coat, filling the bottom of the dress style. As with the general, baroque dress, in such a color and style come out on top, will not be a low-key luxury, but publicity personality style.