Live on the fruit! Guangdong Radio Happy Hour special night

On the evening of March 10, from 9:00 to 10:00, the Live Broadcast Program of Guangdong Radio invited Mr. Kong Xianglin, Chairman of Billionaire Animation Group, and his team to conduct live interviews. During the program, Mr. Kong talked about the development of Beanie animation so that the audience could understand the story and creative culture behind Beanie and feel the funny and witty dialogues and thoughts of Mr. Kong Xianglin and his team Spend the fire collide with the audience to spend a pleasant evening. Guangdong Radio Happy Hour is a favorite radio station in Guangdong. Many celebrities like Deng and other successful business people have been invited to this program. This time to participate in the happy hour program, with the influence of this program and the brand's charm, will let more people understand and fall in love with the fruit fashion children's clothing. Company Profile: Guangdong Binagong Animation Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, operates in Guangzhou; creative center in Dalian; game center in Chengdu; animation center in Vancouver; product research and development centers located in Guangzhou, Jiangmen Seoul, Paris and more. The company owns five cartoon images and brands such as Benjamin. The products of the entire line focus on the cultural connotation of "Me" and are exported. With the perfect combination of internationalized languages ​​and fashion elements, Benjamin series products combine "my power ! "Show most vividly, in many first-tier cities touted by young people. Bourbon chain stores and supermarkets, gifts and e-commerce channels in major cities all over the country provide a comprehensive product and cultural display platform for Bourbon. With the in-depth popularization of Bourbon culture, Bourbon will become your Loyal friend. Click the link to learn: