Urinary incontinence disorders targeting middle-aged and young female doctors: Wear heels must have square

A sneeze, a burst of laughter, running to catch the bus ... ... urine unexpectedly leaked out, it was extremely extreme - 33-year-old Ms. Liu also did not think of a dream, his disease actually had a direct relationship with long-term wear high heels. On November 17th, the reporter interviewed from the Fourth People's Hospital of Shenyang City. Due to the pressure of work and some bad living habits, the urinary incontinence caused by the older women has been targeted at middle-aged and young women.

Ms. Liu is a middle-level cadre of a company who gave birth to her daughter two years ago. In order to restore her shape as soon as possible, she was crazy fitness and put on high heels to achieve the effect of raising her chest. However, Ms. Liu has recently appeared to be intimidating, that is, frequent urinary incontinence phenomenon, laughing, hard coughing, squatting down and licking things... As long as it is a sudden little trick, there will be urine leakage, which makes her very embarrassed. On the same day, she came to the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shenyang to see a doctor. The result of the test was “urinary incontinence”. Ms. Liu was surprised and asked, "Isn't this disease caused by the elderly?" explains Zhao Manman, director of obstetrics and gynecology, urinary incontinence is mainly divided into stress, urgency, and mixed, and currently many young and middle-aged women suffer from it. Both are stressful urinary incontinence.

"Ms. Liu's situation is very representative, high-heeled shoes is the main reason!" Zhao Manman said that women who often wear high heels are prone to urinary incontinence. This is because women always put their feet on the ground after wearing high-heeled shoes, which puts more pressure on the pelvis. The greater the pressure on the pelvis, the faster the nearby muscles, such as the external urethral sphincter, will degenerate, causing the urinary tract to lose control of urination and cause urinary incontinence.

Can he wear high heels?

Wear high heels, but wear well and wear as little as possible. Do not exceed 5 cm in the heel to avoid unbalanced feet. When wearing high heels, pay attention to control the body's center of gravity, and don't put weight on the heel of the back, so it is easy to fatigue, and you may consciously tilt the body forward. Moreover, heels can not wear too long, wear 4 to 5 hours a day is appropriate. For office workers, they can prepare a pair of sports shoes, wear high-heeled shoes when they go to work, and change their shoes when they leave work, so that their feet can be relaxed and restored.

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