Wearing new stovepipe shoes is easy to fatigue and harmful to health

【本本】Semi-slipper Hot Sale

Recently, reporters saw such weight-loss slippers in shops at Hankou Folk Park, Wuchang Simenkou, and Wuchang Street, etc.: Slippers are only about the size of a palm, only half the size of ordinary slippers, and the arches and heels are suspended when they are put on. There are five raised plates in the shoe, arranged in two rows, the first three behind the two.

According to the clerk, this weight loss slippers is the most fashionable and effective weight loss slippers imported from Japan this year. It is because of its unique half design that allows girls to fully stimulate the forefoot of the upper part of the shoe during walking, and the heel does not touch the ground, allowing the calf muscles to quickly and tightly lose fat. The longer the effect, the better. She said that these shoes are very tight, with an average of more than 10 pairs sold per day.

During the visit, the reporter saw that the slippers were of different styles, including cotton, coarse wool, and plastic. The price is twice as expensive as regular slippers, and is generally around 30 yuan.

After wearing it becomes "Inner Eight"

The 19-year-old Xiao Zhang read sophomore at Huazhong Normal University. She bought a pair of slimming slippers a month ago. In order to lose weight she wears it back to her bedroom every day. A month later, she found that the calf muscles were tight, but they walked for a long time. They were very uncomfortable to wear ordinary shoes, and they felt pain in their soles. When they walked, their feet became "inner characters." Xiao Yang, a girl in the same bedroom, also bought a pair of cramps.

Wuhan Xiaozhong, director of the beauty center of the Chinese Hospital, said that weight loss can not be solved by wearing shoes. Healthy weight loss requires a process, in the adjustment of endocrine, while taking control of the diet and proper exercise, want to see the effect, the shortest need half a month. Acupressure on the soles of the shoe may play a role in health care, allowing the calf muscles to contract and tighten, but it is not really effective in reducing weight.

Tao Shengxiang, Ph.D. of Orthopaedic Department of Zhongnan Hospital, introduced that long-term wear of this half-footed shoe would break the balance between inner and outer muscle strengths, so that the triceps of the leg will be in a contracted state for a long time, which will affect the development of the ankle joint. Severe cramps and inner eight characters will occur. Symptoms, especially those affecting adolescents, are even more pronounced. Therefore, when wearing this kind of slippers, you must not fight "fatigue." When you feel uncomfortable, you should change it and let your feet "hold a rest."
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