Shenzhen Emma "ema inc" Clothing Co., Ltd. 2010 autumn and winter ordering investment promotion

------- was held in Shenzhen from May 28 to May 30, 2010

Company Profile: Shenzhen Jimei Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional fashion company that comprehensively designs, manufactures, operates and promotes the Emma brand. The company adheres to the concept of modern management based on design and sales, and adheres to the enrichment of brand connotation, long-term brand planning, diversification of business operations, and efforts to achieve a win-win situation among manufacturers, merchants and markets.
EMA Product Positioning: The locked-in consumer groups are between the ages of 25 and 38. They are confident, optimistic, and have a positive attitude to life. They have stable income, good cultural accomplishments and a living background. Fashion does not follow the flow, elegant and not Kitsch, through the harmony of costumes to reflect the personal taste of life and values.

Ordering Registration Hotline 13590272547 Gong

Company website: http://

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