Yan Zi Fang underwear piercing more seductive figure

Yan Zi Fang Zhen love series of red and pink two, the treasures of the red with a prominent curly pattern gathered vision, bra central scallop-shaped decorative embellishment of the United States, underwear wide package important parts of the wavy lace fit beautiful The thigh; cherished pink width more translucent bright people admire, the feeling of pink sea full of underwear , silver and tulle light attached to the female carcass. Treasure - cherish so, Yan Zi Fang know.

欣姿芳 - Sorella

欣姿芳内衣 穿出更诱惑的身材

PTFE Adhesive Tape with Release Paper is using glass cloth base material, impregnated with PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) dispersion and then sintered.

Single surface treated and coated with a high-temperature-resistant, silicone, with pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on back side.Jiangsu Youngsun New Materials Co.,Ltd products can be supplied as long rolls as in picture.

Yellow textured PVC release liner is applied to the adhesive surface for ease of application and protection long lifetime of fresh adhesive.

PTFE Adhesive With Release Paper

PTFE Adhesive With Release Paper, Heat Resistant Cloth Tape, Heat Proof Adhesive Tape

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