Refreshing white dress easily transformed into Lolita

Ben Wang, July 24th, in the hot sun, refreshing sweet white dress must be selected, with a rainbow vest fun mood, followed by a deep V collar into the deep courtyard, so that the layers of mind drifting with the wind, or take a orange Small vest, hold up a sweet sky.

Editor's Choice: White lace pettiskirt, sweet and sprinkle everywhere

Floral puff sleeves TOP with white lace pettiskirt, with a brown waist banding waistline, sweet in the waist, sweet in the skirt, sweet in the mouth, sweet smile in your smile.

Editor recommends: white loose long-sleeved jumpsuit with navy blue high-heeled sandals, waterside Adelia.

White loose long-sleeved jumpsuit, just like my pure mood, let the breeze blow up slightly, with navy blue high-heeled sandals, as if the sky after the rain, a refreshing in the end

Editor recommends: white tube top wide lace short dress, sweet low-key, high-profile smile

White stomacher style lace short dress, that touch of sweet, always in love with thousands of miles, take the small gray TEE, low-key playful, high-profile smile, all the way through thousands of miles.

Editor's Choice: Colorful printed white dress, super invincible big sweet beauty

Colorful printed vests, rainbow-like across the midsummer, bundled in super MINI white skirt, sexy super invincible, with bright yellow bag, between the world, you are the most sweet.

Editor's Choice: White Shoulder Detail with High Waist Skirt, Sweet and Uninterrupted

The white square-collar high-waisted dress, the lotus leaf details on the shoulders and the delicate lace detail of the skirt, up and down, sweet and uninterrupted, slanting white packets, I stepped on the white sandals, angelically passing through Red dust.

Editor recommends: white vest cake skirt dress, sweet, pink knot

White vest cake skirt dress, layers of thoughts, such as sweet honey to the bottom of my heart, pink hair band with pink accessories fall, like love sinus opening maiden pink cheeks.

Editor's Choice: White Skirt, Small Orange Tank Top, Holding Up A Sweet Sky

White short skirt, with a crown printed orange vest, sweet and sour feeling just to support the sweet sky, my barbarian girlfriend, my sweet angel, you are my Cinderella.

Editor's Choice: White Cross Detail Skirt, White Complex, Sweet Control

White cross-section small skirt, as if the girl's white complex, feminine independence, with a black perspective vest, playing a sexy, playing a sweet, cool sight.

Editor recommends: Deep V-neck lace short dress, sexy and sweet, deep in the courtyard

Deep V-neck lace and short skirts are sweet to scream, deep V-neck, sexy and deep in the courtyard, with black handbags, I have a date with PARTY.

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