Diamond Fashion Make your clothing a precious and beautiful art

BRIOLETTE from France is inspired by a unique diamond-cutting technique that is famous for cutting the entire surface of a diamond into special patterns of three drop-shaped origins in India, Century into the European community, popular in the upper class;, BRIOLETTE (drilling odd) on the fabric requirements and craftsmanship is very particular, the style of the series as the diamond-like characteristics - unique, precious, beautiful, both classic and stylish; This section cutting technology, from different aspects reflect the modern women at different levels of beauty. For modern women, work, life, social, a little bit connected, each time conversion, which means that the conversion of different roles, all life style, in the drilling of the woman, life is an art , Art determines the quality of life, expand life, start thinking ... BRIOLETTE (drilling odd) - with "every moment of life is the performance of art," the idea of ​​starting a romantic journey soul art ... ...

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