Tong Nirvana brand to bring you to experience perfection and elegance, enjoy the pure beauty

Shenzhen Tong Nirvana Garments Co., Ltd. is a production, design, sales, "Tong Nirvana" (TNY) brand children's wear business. Companies adhering to the "honesty, progress, friendliness, win-win" spirit of enterprise and adhere to the "people-oriented, Yikeweizun, quality first" business philosophy, "Tong Nirvana TNY" to take direct marketing and franchise combination of ways to expand Domestic market. At present, nearly 100 provinces and cities in the country have established more than 100 terminal sales outlets. Tong Nirvana attaches great importance to the brand culture in the performance of the terminal stores, and actively advocate and practice "green products" and "cultural products" and Other concepts. Advocate and launch "Children's Fashion with Experts" in the terminal stores. Invite well-known clothing consultants to systematically train the terminal clerks to provide the best new clothes for new and old urban residents. Consultant style Value-added services. In pursuit of fashion, full of personality and character of the children group, it is these children's excellent imagination and expressiveness, with children's fashion concept vividly deduced, this is Tongni rumor children's clothing. Tong Nirvana brand with you to experience perfection and elegance, enjoy the pure beauty, give children a healthy and happy childhood. "Tong Nirvana TNY" located in the high-end, the main products include T-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, sweaters, cotton suits, down jackets, jeans, sportswear, casual shoes, leisure bags, jewelry, etc.

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