South Korea "M & Q" children's clothing interpretation of black and white romantic country

In the colorful children's clothing sector, the "M & Q" children's clothing brand from South Korea, unique and vivid with a simple black and white interpretation of children's "cool, personality, publicity." This timeless contrasting color, black and white, through the clever design of M & Q designers, the interpretation of a harmonious classic fashion under the meticulous selection, and burst into a unique cool personality with bold mix. M & Q will be post-modern simple cut lines and classic fashion integration, with a new design concept, bold and avant-garde appearance modeling, touch people's boundless imagination of black and white children's clothing. "M & Q" children's clothing through the fit of the cut and perfect outline to highlight the vitality, personality, childhood charm, black and white back to its unique purity of color original ecology, with the most simple brush drawing belongs to the innocent world of children. Without too much embellishment, the classic black and white, creating a stylish and elegant, sophisticated and noble children's clothing world, but also reflects the children's pursuit of fashion and the future vision of the better.

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