China Outdoor Shoes Market Cake and Risk

In recent years, with the constant warming of the outdoor shoe market and the saturation of other traditional sports shoes, in order to find new growth points, more and more domestic brands are transitioning to outdoor sports and participating in the outdoor sports shoe market. Rich cakes. However, any commercial behavior has the two sides of the knife. These shoe brands have swarmed in. How big is it? What kind of risk is hidden? With these questions, the reporter asked some industry experts to hope to bring some rational voices to the entire outdoor shoe market.

HI-TEC CHINA Product Director KENNY. QIANY believes that outdoor shoes and other shoes are technically different. Generally speaking, sports shoes are only different in style design and material patterns. Even if there are many sports brands that produce functional or technological innovation concepts, their technical functions are still relatively general, and outdoor shoes. But not the same, outdoor shoes from the sole to the upper, category and category of functional and technical differences between the distinction is particularly obvious, such as waterproof and breathable features, wear-resistant anti-skid technology, although hiking shoes and hiking shoes belong to the outdoor shoes, but its There is a big difference between the production process and the application of technology. The same appearance of a similar style of shoes, what is the use of fabrics, anti-waterproof, airtight, is an ordinary big bottom or wear outsole, the production process requirements are quite strict, and these hard work, far from just entering the outdoor shoes Brands in the field can match, only long-term manufacturers in this field can bring strong quality assurance from accumulated manufacturing experience and technological innovation. From this point of view, in the short term, these new brands can rely on financial strength or channel advantages to seize some of the outdoor shoe market cakes, but these technologies are lacking as consumers become more popular with outdoor shoes. Manufacturers with brand heritage will have a hard time staying competitive in the competition.

The experts who hold the same ideas, as well as a famous domestic outdoor adventure activist Mr. Lin, as the earliest outdoor adventurer in the country, Mr. Lin personally experienced the outdoor shoes of all the famous brands in the world. He thinks there are outdoor shoes. High technical requirements, a pair of shoes is not made like an outdoor shoe, it really became outdoor shoes. For example, the category of mountaineering includes specialized classifications for various elevations and terrain requirements. If altitude is not high, choose ultra-light shoes when climbing shoes, and if the mountain is steep, you have to focus on In the aspect of anti-skid function, if climbing snow-capped mountains, it is necessary to consider the waterproof and warm non-slip function shoes, and because of the high altitude and cold factors will lead to the rubber embrittlement of ordinary soles, you must purchase professional snow shoes with rubber outsole. OK, and these have high technical requirements and professional backgrounds. Although most people buy shoes that are only worn everyday, they do not necessarily require such strict requirements. However, the differences between outdoor footwear and other categories can also be seen. At present, the world's best-selling outdoor shoe brands have accumulated decades of technology, their professional and technical advantages can not be replaced, the current domestic brands have entered, although in the short term can take advantage of capital and local channels to obtain a certain market Shares, but they lack product expertise, and if they do not resolve in the short term, they will certainly be weak.

According to the "2010 Outdoor Survey of China Outdoor Products Market" released by the China Textile Commerce Association Outdoor Products Branch (COCA), the annual retail sales of China's outdoor products market totaled 7.13 billion yuan in 2010, and the total shipment volume was 3.21 billion yuan* **. Since 2000, the average annual growth rate of total retail sales is 47.33%, and the average annual growth rate of total shipments is 43.29%. The development of the industry continues to maintain a trend of rapid growth. With such a strong market performance, it is no wonder that domestic brands will rush in, but market data also shows that the big cake is still divided by those international brands that have strong reputations. The influence of first-line brands such as Colombia and HI-TEC is unmatched with the appeal of the market, especially HI-TEC which specializes in e-commerce in the Chinese market. Their products cover almost all famous e-commerce channels in China. You open Taobao search. Outdoor shoes, HI-TEC is at the forefront. You go to Vanke, JD, Dangdang, LeQiutian, Pat... If you go to an e-commerce platform, you have HI-TEC, and this is not. Competing for gap-covered channels, domestic brands have to compete with them, and the odds can be geometric? These are the risks that outdoor newcomers need to weigh, and should not only remember the cake in front of them.

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