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In the spring of 2003 elegant Chinese children's clothing city - Foshan, Guangdong, Kalfate formally entered the clothing industry. The twists and turns, and now, the company has developed into a garment industry, involved in the logistics industry, mining and other industries and the formation of 650 million sales and marketing of an integrated group of enterprises. The company's apparel industry is set product development, manufacturing, brand operations in one of the large children's wear business. The company has a number of independent brands, represented by Karl Firth and De Munsite, covering all areas of the children's wear industry and is gradually becoming the leader and leader of the children's wear industry. Leading brand Carl Philip from Europe's top children's wear brand. Children in the economically developed areas with distinctive personality, self-affirmation, enjoy the diversity and mental health as the creative tone. French brand designer as design director, with well-known designers at home and abroad professional design team. Has formed a spring, summer, autumn, winter, five series of different styles of children's clothing community. "Karl Fett" originality, with particular emphasis on childlike innocence, beautiful, romantic and fairy tale quality, unique in the industry. It can be said that you see a childlike, Reiki and stylish children come to you, then, he must be wearing a Calfit. Karl Fett has become China's best European children's clothing brand. In China, in Southeast Asia, in the former Soviet Union, "Karl Fett" traveled like a fairy in the streets of the city. In many places, "Karl Felt" clothing became a beautiful scenery. Her novelty, classic ideas and the most competitive prices, the relevant departments and consumers get the national unanimous praise: "Karl Fett" brand won the "Top Ten Chinese children's clothing brand," "Chinese famous brand" award; Cao Yunfeng (Chairman) was elected CPPCC members, children's clothing industry associations, Foshan Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, China Garment Association fourth director.

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