Tao Di positioning ocean culture, open innovative store model

Amoy Emperor occupies marine culture, open up the blue ocean, a clear "to become the spirit of the children," the brand's core values, Amoy emperor's brand mascot dolphin, dolphin is the sea elves, the ocean's elves with brave, sunshine, partners, Best quality at the same time it is also Amoy emperor to convey to consumers a brand philosophy, Amoy emperor hope to give children the courage to face life; to give children the sunshine; give children the joy of growth; help them to become the best wizard . Taoyi positioning marine culture, open the innovative store model, with the concept of "marine culture" to create the experience of terminals, through unique store design and strong cultural ideas to convey brand appeal, and Amoy emperor as a representative of this way of life, culture Driving sales force.

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Die Cast Keychain

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