The city's beauty, attitude Di Ni business casual women

The graying, but never forgotten atmosphere of a gray city ... pursuing real life value both in profundity and abundance ... ... loyalty to one's own performance over time, as the seasons change ... The beauty of the city, is the latest for your emotional state Di Ni .


State Di Ni business and leisure women's clothing 2011 autumn and winter series


State Di Ni business and leisure women's clothing 2011 autumn and winter series

With a young, stylish modern style, without losing the stability and maturity. Integration of leisure and career in one of the state Di Ni business and leisure women, from the choice of materials, design to tailoring, production, every aspect of the pursuit of excellence. Every detail of the costumes can show the white-collar women's taste, personality and fashion. Natural comfort, rich modeling, full of expression, full of soft international fashion elements and cultural connotation, boldly get rid of the shackles of traditional career women, with a sunshine, vitality attitude lead the white-collar beauty fashion dress. Flexible combination of leisure mix, challenging the diversity of fashion, in the constraints of time in the performance of the unrestrained. Reflect the beautiful connotation of white-collar workers and advancing with the times, advocate modern women's love of life, the pursuit of romance, independence and freedom, and positive and healthy lifestyle

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