Cotton stretch printed cloth become a flash point of the season

Recently, a unique attractive charm, style and vibrant summer fabric "cotton printed cloth," weaving cloth in China, there are several cloth debut in the city, with its attractive appearance attracted a large number of merchants stopped It is estimated that the sales prospect is extremely broad. Cotton stretch printed fabric is a robe in the robe, but also dress up the pursuit of women's fashion fabrics. The fabric is made of cotton yarn 40 * 40 + 40D as raw material, plain weave according to 120 * 60 specification, weaving on rapier loom, and then deep processing through many excellent techniques such as singeing, scouring, oxygen bleaching, And into. Realistic fabric prints, refreshing. With its good air permeability, wearing comfortable, not easy to wrinkle, take advantage of good and other areas to win the trust of the majority of female consumers. This fabric width 130cm, weight 120 (g / m2), is now listed wholesale price 9.60 yuan per meter cloth up and down, rich color patterns and more, can make the best purchase. Suitable for the production of women's fashion, leisure children's clothing, home improvement (pajamas), into the upper body, filling the elegant temperament. Currently on the market both a small amount of cash to buy, there are sample bulk orders. Print novel and unique chic, with color harmony, refreshing. According to industry analysts, "cotton stretch printed cloth," the sales outlook is optimistic. Currently on the market are Wuhan, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu and other places have come to buy this merchant.

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