Japan ISWIN JAPAN Co., Ltd. Shandong Built Nano Fabric Factory

It was learned from the Wendeng City Bureau of Commerce in Shandong Province that Wendeng Ishine Nano Materials Co., Ltd., established by Japan's ISWIN JAPAN Co., Ltd., has been approved for establishment. The company has a total investment of 2 billion yen (about 160 million yuan) and a registered capital of 1 billion yen. It is expected to start production in August next year.

The project will be located in the Nanhai New District of Wendeng and will be engaged in the production and sales of nano-high-tech fabrics and other apparel fabrics. The annual production scale will be 50 million meters. 70% of the products will be sold in mainland China, and the rest will be exported to Japan, North America, Europe and other countries. And area.

Cement Fiber Felt 

1. Cement Fiber Felt Description

Cement Fiber Felt is made of multilayer structure monofilament mesh bottom and 100% nylon fiber. It can also called Fiber Cement Board Felt

Cement board felt

2. Fiber Cement Board Felt Specification

Width Range

1.2 ~ 2.5M

Length range

8.0 ~ 50.0M

Weight range

1400 ~ 1700G/M2

The permeability ( filtration performance )

1000 ~ 1200MM / S (200Pa)


PH value

6 ~ 11


3. Fibre Felt For Cement Board Features

Forming, filter and transport in the cement board or tile production line; harmless security products

uniform texture, good surface, good permeability, good filterability, stable size, stable operation and long life;

4. Fibre Felt For Cement Board Application

It is used widely in cement board production...mainly for the pulp and cylinder mould machine & Headbox and dip NET forming cement products machinery.

Cement Fiber Felt

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