Bamboo fiber became the new favorite French set off bamboo fiber textile fabric heat

In recent years, bamboo fiber has gradually become the new favorite in the French textile industry. From T-shirts and socks to reusable briefs diapers, everyday textiles made from bamboo fabrics can be found everywhere. A large number of pillows, bath towels and bathrobes named after the Tex brand in the Carrefour supermarket are made of bamboo fibers; the T-shirts and pullovers of the mail order company Damart, 3Suisses and the brand Camif are made of bamboo fibers; even the American outdoor sports brand Timberland Selling socks made from bamboo fiber in France.

In February of this year, at the Première Vision, the world's largest fabrics exhibition held in Paris, some fabrics made of 100% bamboo fiber or bamboo fiber and other textile fibers were blended, such as bamboo fiber and polyamide blended fabrics. Soft, smooth and colorful; with 25% wool and 15% silk blend, the fabric is more supple than hemp products and can be used in high-end suits.

As bamboo fiber and cotton and hemp fiber are natural plant fibers, they are breathable (sweat-absorption capacity is 4 times stronger than cotton), antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, no wrinkle, renewable and environmental protection, the price is not more expensive than cotton, so it is deeply influenced by France. Consumers are welcome. The development of bamboo fiber also led to the research and use of other natural fibers, such as milk protein, soybeans, corn, pines, and cellulose, jade, and shell fibers of various trees. It is no wonder that the title of the article in the French "Le Monde" was: "Bamboo, a textile **".

China is hometown of bamboo and there will certainly be more bamboo products.

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