Babei Yiyi allows children to feel the wonderful world in a happy environment

"Beibei Yiyi" with red passion, yellow and yellow as the main color of the two lively one, to express the child's inner liveliness and passion. Supplemented by the corresponding color with children's wear products developed has a distinct personality, much favored by the market. What is even more distinctive is that Beibei Yiyi has put forward the concept of "new environmental protection and new children's clothing" in a timely manner in order to adapt to the trend of market changes and development, and strive to build a new generation of green children's clothing. "Beibei Yiyi" children's wear fully take into account the physiological characteristics of children, wholeheartedly care of children's physical and mental health, from fabrics to accessories, from dyeing to printing, "Beibei Yiyi" children's clothing per Beibei a process, every detail Strictly in line with national standards. "Beibei Yiyi" children's clothing raw materials all choose environmentally friendly quality products, and strive to show children's colorful personality space at the same time, give them more safety and health.

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