Daddy da children wear: write "there is love there is a future" a new chapter

On August 18, the one-month "Dazidabai 2011 Love Mountains Large Love Campaign" started in the same period in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Longyan in our province. The charity story of "love me from the beginning" Warmly staged between consumers. Jiangsu Division: Dadi Diansu dance with children Happy "Dadi Dingsong" CCTV to create from hand in hand to create "2011 Dadi D • Star of the story of the National Trial" to the "Dada Da 2011 Love Mountains large-scale love action" this year , But also Daddy da children's brand force years. "We hope that through these two activities, we will promote the brand culture of Dazi, Love and Future with deeper motivation, so that every Chinese child will feel 'love' and 'gratitude' 'Tell the story of children's clothing' ''s visibility and reputation to a new height, "said Mr. Wu Shanqiang, Director of Fujian Green Group's Brand Center. "Dazi Da large love action" warm start August 18, "Dabi Dazhi 2011 Love Mountains large-scale love action" as scheduled in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Longyan three joint venture, the time will be as of September 18, lasted up to one month. "As the pace of urban life accelerates, a worn garment may not matter to us in the city, but for a child on the other side of the mountain, a used garment (shoes) can bring love to them Warm, hope of igniting their lives. "Fujian Green Group da diala Fujian region distributor Ye Yisheng said. Recently, he learned that there are still many poor schools in the mountainous areas of Yunnan Province. He thinks that the culture of the brand "love" should be expanded to allow more children to "feel love and contribute love" and contribute more to the mountain children. Therefore, he especially applied for this large-scale caring activity to the headquarters of the Group to bring care and warmth to children in the mountainous areas. It also used such actions to give back support and care to the Green Group from all walks of life. According to reports, this caring activities in the tick tick Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Longyan held at the three terminals, each into the shop of consumers, only need to donate a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, you can use into 20 yuan love models redemption Dadi tick any one product. At the same time, consumers who participate in the event also enjoy the discounted discounts on love and the well-prepared heartfelt feedback. Ye said, "We hope that consumers and Dadi Dad can work together to create a charity story that starts with 'love me', add a love for the healthy growth of mountain children and help them create a better future." Since its establishment, Green Group, Consistent attention to the growth of children in China is a responsible, responsible and caring company, Green Group has also been the strong support of all sectors of society, especially consumers sincerely like. Many consumers said that they like the tick brand, not only because of its fashion style, high quality and comfortable, but also because of "tell the story of children's clothing," the brand positioning, subtly affected them, da Dita brand this "Love," unwittingly becoming part of their daily lives, guides them to "love" to promote the spread down. It is reported that 19 years ago, Green Group never give back to the community, "love" is its long-standing practice of the concept. In 2007, Green Group, in conjunction with China Children and Teenagers Development Foundation, received a warm welcome from the National Love Donation Campaign "Love has Future" in the tenth anniversary series. In a short period of time, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of money; in 2008, after the Sichuan earthquake disaster, Green Group donated millions of dollars worth of money for the first time and donated a Hope Primary School; In 2009, Green Group donated 200,000 yuan to Lijiang National Orphan School in Yunnan Province. In 2010, after the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province, Green Group actively called on all employees again to launch a donation activity of "Love Yushu and Great Love" to donate funds to those who were suffering Tens of thousands of yuan; In addition, also donated 300000 yuan in the establishment of Green Spring Buddy in Daejeon, Green Group, "Love has the future," the love project in the newly settled Daejeon Rock City take root; earlier this year, when informed that triple triplets Living difficulties, the group once again donated 60,000 yuan to meet their urgent needs, and called for more contributions to the community from their own love ... ... These are all reflect Green "love there is a future," the culture. "Because there are 'love', children's wear that tells children's stories about ticking has a soul, and as a brand concerned about the healthy growth of children, this is the fundamental foundation for the group's sustainable development." Ye Yisheng admitted frankly. In addition to organizing love activities in three cities in Fujian Province, in 2011 Green Group also joined hands with the CCTV Children's Channel to launch the "2011 Daddy • Star of the Star National Trial" strongly. Focusing on the core of "story" and grasping the brand connotation of "love has future", Green Group undoubtedly provided a stage for children across the country to show themselves and pursue their dreams. At present, Fujian Division, Zhejiang Division, Jiangsu Division, Hubei Division, Jiangxi / Henan Division have all been successfully concluded. Guangxi / Hunan Division finals will also be held in recent days. Shandong Division and Beijing / Hebei Division are currently undergoing fierce election. It is reported that in November of this year, the eight National Games winner of the "Star of the story" champion, will gather in the CCTV studio hall for the "Story Star" highest honor Hall. "This is not only a grand story marketing event, but also a great publicity event to promote love, Green Group once again successful sublimation tick brand." Wu Shanqiang said. It is understood that "tell the story of children's clothing" is the da-da brand launched last year, brand positioning, not only open a new path for the children's wear industry to bring a trace of fresh culture, but also for children to open a novel fairy tale world. This brand innovation means that ticking children's clothing, not only can wear on children, but also will bring a new learning model. "In this way, a children's clothing is not only equipped with the function of wearing, but also to enlighten the child's wisdom and cultivate children's good character and habits, not only to meet the material needs, while meeting the spiritual needs, but also for busy parents They provide the extra value of enlightenment of children's wisdom, which is more than enough. "Wu Shanqiang said. It is learned that according to this brand strategy, in the connotation of "love has future" advocated by Daddy, Daddy will launch different series, vivid, interesting and entertaining theme stories in each fashion season. Dot-tia through the image of the cartoon bear, the brand real meaning presented in front of children, it is blowing the trumpet, naive image, by the children's favorite. It tells a philosophical story, not only brought great joy to children, but also to bring them wisdom and confidence, accompanied by their happy and healthy growth! Wushan Qiang said that through the "product storytelling" entertaining way, but also help lead the children's new education concept. These stories will be compiled into story books and cartoons, serialized for a long time. In addition, some of the major elements and motifs of the story will be embedded in product design and development. Through such story-based interaction, children can "wear stories, watch stories and listen to stories." In 2011, it was the second year after Green Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement on clothing design with Kids Gallery, a Spanish children's wear company, and it is also the second attempt to internationalize the Chinese children's wear industry. I believe this autumn and winter, "children's wear will tell the story" will bring more children's fashion in China clothing.

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