Longitudinal listing: China's high-end women's clothing brand leader

The 50 million A-share shares issued by the company's Longitudinal Co., Ltd. have been listed on August 30. The funds raised by the company will be invested in the marketing network construction, the expansion and expansion of the Beijing production base, the design and construction of the exhibition center, and the upgrading of information systems.

LANCY Longitudinal listing: the leading enterprise of China's high-end women's clothing brand

The 50 million A-share shares issued by the company's Longitudinal Co., Ltd. have been listed on August 30. The funds raised by the company will be invested in the marketing network construction, the expansion and expansion of the Beijing production base, the design and construction of the exhibition center, and the upgrading of information systems.

The domestic famous high-end women's clothing company with three core brands

Langzi shares are mainly engaged in the fashion design, production and sales of women's brands, focusing on the high-end women's wear market. The company adopts a multi-brand development strategy and currently owns three core brands including its own brands “Langzi” and “Rhine” and the “Zhuoke” series of brands that are exclusively authorized in China. The company’s flagship product retail price ranges from RMB 2000 to RMB 5,500. It is similar to the Shenzhen womenswear brand Baozi and Masfil in the positioning of quality, price, and consumer groups, and is the first echelon of independent high-end women’s clothing brands in China. To a certain extent, it has the ability to compete with international first- and second-tier brands in the country. According to the "China's high-end women's clothing brand development analysis report" released by the China Business Information Center, the company's "Langzi" brand in the national high-end women's clothing market status and market share are continuously improving, the brand status from the fourth in 2008 increased to 2010 ( January-September) ranked No. 3, and the market share of key shopping malls in the country increased from 2.04% in 2008 to 3.11% in 2010, and the market position improved significantly.

The company's “Langzi” brand was awarded the “Top Ten Best-selling Womenswear Brand in 2009-2010 China Market” jointly initiated and organized by China Department Store Business Association, China National Business Center, China Business Statistical Association, and China Textile Newspaper in 2010; Beijing Business Information Consulting Center was listed in the top ten women's apparel industry in Beijing billion yuan. In 2009 and 2010, it was awarded the "Beijing Top Ten Fashion Brands" and other awards by the Beijing Garment and Textile Industry Association; in 2011, it was awarded by the Beijing Municipal Quality Certification Committee. The "2010 Beijing Famous Brand" and "2010 Beijing Quality Award Finalist Award". “MOJO S.PHINE”, a “Zhuoke” series brand operated by the company, was awarded “Beijing Top Ten Hotwear Brands (Leatherwear Category) in 2009” jointly issued by Beijing Business Information Consulting Center and Beijing Garment & Textile Industry Association.

Good channel operation ability and leading product design level are the two core competitiveness of high-end women's clothing brands. In terms of channel operations, the company has 308 sales terminals in large-scale high-end shopping malls in more than 80 cities in 29 provincial-level administrative regions with a combination of self-operating and distribution business models, and has initially established a nationwide sales network. Among the 109 Jinding Department Stores that have been promulgated as the highest honors in department stores, the company has opened sales terminals in 54 locations including Beijing Set Mall, Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, Nanjing Golden Eagle International Shopping Center and Wuhan Plaza. The rate is 49.54%. In addition, the company's other sales terminals are also located in high-end local high-profile shopping malls, such as Beijing Shin Kong Place Department Store, Beijing Zhuangsheng Sogo Department Store, Shanghai Meilong Town Isetan Department Store, Wuhan New World Department Store and Guangzhou Wangfujing Department Store Shopping malls and so on. The company's high-end sales terminal network has a reasonable layout. Over the years, it has formed a good cooperative relationship with major domestic high-end shopping malls and department stores, and its brand awareness and market development capability have been increasingly strengthened.

In terms of product design, the company insists on product independent design and development, and the total investment for product design R&D in the past three years exceeds RMB 36 million. The company has 121 professional and international team of designers. Among them, there are 33 Korean professional designers and 88 domestic professional designers. Of the major designers, Yin Xianzhu, Pu Zhenhua, and Zhao Wenxi have won the Korean Fashion Association. President awarded "Designer Award" and other important honors. The company highly integrates European and American pop elements and Asian pop elements. Through the introduction of international cutting-edge fashion trends and design concepts, it absorbs the latest design information at home and abroad, and introduces various high-end fashion accessories for the international market to develop a trend to lead the domestic market. High-end women's products. The company designs thousands of colors of products every quarter, highlighting the company's strong design capabilities. The company has established R&D and design centers in Beijing and South Korea respectively, and Rheinland's design office has also received the “Design Office Award” from the President of the Korean Fashion Association.

With the growing popularity and influence of the company's three high-end brands, the company's operating standards also showed a good growth trend. In 2008, 2009, and 2010, the company's operating income was 22,261,760 yuan, 308,985,500 yuan, 559,146,200 yuan, net profit was 74,110,000 yuan, 90,201,100 yuan, 151,117,600 yuan, the company's operating income and net profit for three years The compound annual growth rates are 58.48% and 43.27% respectively, and the growth advantage is very prominent. In addition, from 2008 to 2010, the company's comprehensive gross profit margin was 50.82%, 54.47%, and 56.71%, respectively, which was also on a steady upward trend.

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