Zhuowei Le colorful, bring out the innocent and lively personality of children

Sogni Kids, from Hong Kong, is a children's apparel brand owned by Zhuowei International in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, Sogni Kids has focused on providing fashionable, healthy and comfortable children's apparel products to its customers. Sogni Kids, with its target market in Hong Kong and China, cooperates with European design studios based on international trends and domestic demand. Fashion European-style design, closer to the international fashion trend, popular in Hong Kong's retail shops. Natural minimalist European design style, so that children wear more confident, more close to the international trend; series of design styles, models and models are free to match, so that styles with more choices; colorful, bring out the innocent children personality. In 2005, Sogni Kids set up a domestic marketing center in Guangzhou and set up a team with extensive brand operation experience to develop and operate the domestic market. And actively participate in domestic and Hong Kong's large-scale professional clothing exhibition, vigorously promote Zhuo Weirle brand. Zhuoweile also made LEGO BAGS (LEGO bag), which is also one of the top five children's brands in the world, also sold in China. It is also bundled with Sogni Kids, Rich product structure. Sogni Kids expects to win the recognition of consumers with good quality, design style, excellent service experience, and give the best care to children.

Braid Cord/Brain Rope

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