Septwolves children's clothing 2012 new conference was successfully held

August 26 to 27, China's leading clothing brand seven wolves spring 2012 new product launches held in Xiamen, detonated the majority of dealers on the market next year, a strong forecast. Even continue the rapid development of a few years, so that seven wolves children's clothing market has great confidence in the future, which Septwolves 2012 spring and summer new conference theme has been fully reflected. Septwolves order for the theme of "jump", passing out a thriving vigorous vitality, meaning seven wolves children's clothing rapid expansion of the scale of development, the growing market influence, seven wolves swept the children's clothing area in an unacceptable situation. At the same time, also shows that seven wolves children's clothing team ready to actively seek a new round of product and brand tone upgrade. Septwolves children's clothing 2012 spring and summer new products to the "aristocratic college" as the theme, the continuation of the consistent British style line, the plaid, stripes and other classic elements of innovation and fashion design, interpretation of a different kind of gentleman fairy children. British style dress has new changes in each season, the same is the share of elegance and charm, the new season is divided into "campus life", "sea" and "campus sports" three series, Qingli 4 to 14-year-old boys and girls to create a unique stylish dress. "Campus Life" series of eye-catching fashion to blue and white with the classic heritage, with a changing lattice with a cardigan style to break the traditional, small suit jacket, striped ties, cute skirts, jazz hats, etc. will be the traditional British College Uniforms and personalized non-mainstream single product mix and match, filling elegant, sweet and dignified. "Out of the sea" series by changing the sailor stripes, anchor patterns of different widths, the combination of classic figures and sailing prints, highlights the free and clean sailing style. The series uses a self-cultivation cut, highlighting the comfort of wearing, so that small gentleman little ladies can unfettered enjoy vacation, travel and other outdoor life. The "Campus Sports" series plays a role in bringing the popular elements of the adult world such as large numbers, big letters, and colored stripes to the audience. The young gentleman wore Polo shirts, denim shorts, Ladies taking advantage of innocence, easy to control a variety of pink rainbow Polo shirt, wave tennis racket, turned the most dynamic sports baby.

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