August 31 imported cotton prices continue to climb

On August 31st, the prices of imported cotton main ports in China continued to rise slightly, with most varieties rising by 0.50-0.75 cents. Recently, the new year's purchase and storage policies have prompted the domestic cotton market to show signs of recovery. Some small and medium-sized enterprises are making meticulous repayments. With the stable recovery of ICE, the foreign cotton offer is relatively firm. Analysts believe that the purchase and storage will be the “basket” for international cotton prices, but in the short term, the global warming prospects and demand have not seen real warming will inhibit the impulse of rising cotton prices.

In the SM1-1/8′′ grade cotton, the US C/A cotton offer is 125.60 (cents/lb, the same below), and the general port trade pickup price is 21057 yuan/t (calculated on the basis of sliding tax. with).

The quoted price for US E/MOT cotton is 146.95, which is equivalent to 24484 yuan/ton for general port trading ports.

Australian cotton is quoted at 131.60, discounted at 22011 yuan/ton for general port trading ports.

Uzbekistan cotton is quoted at 130.60, discounted at 21,866 tons.

The offer price for West Africa cotton is 135.60, which is 22,674 tons for the general port trade.

The quoted price for US E/MOTM1-3/32" grade cotton is 146.05, which is equivalent to 24335 yuan/ton for general trading ports.

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