Lu'an SKAP men's grand opening of the fashion casual wave again struck

On September 10, SKAP (St.Garden), a fashion and leisure brand, held a grand opening ceremony in Lu'an City. Its classic and unique log shop design was first opened in Lu'an, presenting an elegant and noble Fashion visual and footwear science and technology feast, won the present all walks of life industry guests, shopping malls and media guests unanimously approved. At the same time, exciting activities at the scene attracted many customers stop to watch and experience. Set fashion and technology in one of the SKAP (St. gamma step) brand at the opening ceremony finally opened the mysterious veil, officially announced settled in Lu'an City. While the brand concept of "Nature, Health, Fashion and Classic" has brought us a high grade of consumer behavior, the humanistic concept advocated by it and its insistence on quality, persistence on culture and creation of quality attitude toward life, Even bring us a unique life experience. In the energy saving and environmental protection has become an inevitable attitude to life today, SKAP (St. gamma step) by virtue of its consistently uphold the rigorous scientific shoe-making process and its shoes with light, smooth, pure, care, slow, positive, and so on Technology features bring more health and comfort to the public. SKAP (St. gamma step) landed in the market in Lu'an, much industry and market attention, he has brought new vitality into the field of leisure brand Lu'an City. A footwear science and technology for the public to bring health and comfort, with modern humanistic concepts to lead the natural classic fashion revolution kicked off. SKAP (St. gamma step) gorgeous landing, will bring more exciting to the public!

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