Big business depends on big thinking

[China Glass Network] Money is always invested in the market, regardless of whether it is technology-driven. Now that China has gradually become the center of manufacturing and service industries, so a lot of investment has come in. And in China, technology-driven projects are relatively small, and you can see China's R&D investment. This is determined by the country's environment.

The investment environment has changed a lot. At that time, VC was dominant, because at that time, there was not much money, and VC could choose a strong project. At the same time, the maturity of the project is low and the risk is high. At that time, VCs were mainly returned from overseas and Hong Kong and Taiwan. They did not understand the national conditions. It is more difficult for local entrepreneurs to deal with them. Now, too much money flows into China, and competition is fierce. Instead, good projects and good talents become strong. VC also has local experience and it is easier to communicate. In particular, people who have proven to be successful, people who have a reputation, are scarce resources that VCs value.

Group buying is a very local business, partial operation, and requires strong execution. So young people are better not to touch. It is possible to have a youth genius in the field of technology, but it is difficult to have a youth genius in the field of business operations.

I focus on the new media field, from the focus to 12580 to the odd art, not doing bad. The new media is characterized by a big business, not a small business. I am good at big business, not a small business.

The so-called small business, such as the restaurant, you entered a fish today, 98 buy 198 to sell, but if you have lost two or two days, you lose a few dozen. You have to care about each input, and the input-output ratio is strong and straightforward.

The so-called big business is that the one-to-one correspondence between input and output is not strong. For example, real estate, you can't say what kind of paint is used today or if you open a door in each room, it will increase the income, and the investment is not calculated. It is not clear. The media is like this. You can't say that you have purchased a TV series today. How much corresponding advertising recycling can be brought about by this TV series? The advertisement of the media is brand-driven, not determined by the number of TV dramas or the amount of PV. Of course, there is no brand without PV, but these two transformations are to be perceptually aware and controlled.

Big business is to think big, depends on feelings, not formulas can be calculated.

The low-level view is that the more intense a market is, the less chance there is. But the high-level view is that opportunities have nothing to do with the age. In fact, in every business area, the real enough level of competitors are similar. For example, the portal from 1998 to 2000 is very hot, and there are more than a dozen, but less than five are truly competitive, and now they are the four gateways. For example, the video from 2006 to the present, known as 200, is not competitive. The group purchase that just got hot, known as 400, is actually less than 10 competitive. The more you go, the more concentrated you will be.

Starting from scratch is too slow, and starting high can compress the process and achieve faster and greater success. We only believe in each other to cooperate. For me, I can choose a healthy investor. I hate "the VC that invests and invests in people". That is, he not only pays money, but also sends several people to work with you. A lot of VC investment is like a kind of radish. Every day, it will be pulled up and looked at it. This way, the radish is not only long, but it can't live even. I will choose a VC that has been successful and can make a big investment. The VC mentality will not be urgent.

VC value of a person, in fact, does not value the person itself, but focuses on the ability of a person to quickly form a strong team. I take the team from top to bottom. I have leaders and leaders to find ordinary employees. was formed in January. There were 60 employees when they went online in April, and they quickly reached 220 in June. Many of them are managers. They will look for subordinates who share their temperament. If the order is reversed, it is easy to be turbulent after the employee leads.

Finding the right person is more important than finding the right project.

In "From Excellence", a great company is made up of a group of like-minded people. Because things always change, people will explore.

The character is ahead. To communicate through the experience, go to the circle to investigate. Second, basic qualities are more important than experience. There is no VP in Qiyi, and the higher is the director and senior director. I expect them to grow up in actual combat, especially for young people who have no previous reputation and passion to stand out in half a year to two years.

From the mentality, I am more accepting projects farther away from the money. The original mentality is more urgent and now more objective.

Among the uncertainties, the bigger challenge is the prediction of the market and the prediction of the policy. We use both hands to circumvent these uncertainties. Research and data are rational aspects, and this aspect of perceptual knowledge is also very important. If the world is rational and the data is predictable, there will not be so many successes, so many failures. The wonders of the world are here, and you need emotional intuition.

Chain entrepreneurs will generally be more calm, because even if he does not know what kind of uncertainty will be faced, he believes that there will always be ways for the soldiers to block the water.

I don't believe in religion, I don't believe in it. I am a mechanical materialist, that is, the only thing that only believes in the natural sciences like mathematics. This is related to my experience. After attending school in 76 years, the Gang of Four was crushed. Chairman Mao’s death in Zhou, and Deng Xiaoping’s several deaths. These years were a period of great change in China. Impermanence.

Someone said before that there are two doors in my company that are facing each other. I do not believe. The result is nothing. Some people say which door is closed. I said that the employee who is close to the door is not going to bend around. How can it be closed? There is a friend who is doing real estate, please ask two people to look at Feng Shui, one with an abacus and a compass. Calculate two very different answers, he does not know which one to believe.

What other people believe does not matter, as long as it does not hinder others.

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Other Metal Products

Metal Bookmarks,Metal Fridge Magnets,Metal Pendant,Metal Bag Hanger

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