Bosideng: the colorful fashion 60 days in advance!

New "autumn down" will become the new popular forecast: the fall of 2011, colorful fashion debut 60 days in advance. In the bleak autumn wind, in a bleak environment, the stylish Bosideng "Autumn Down" surprisingly became the protagonist. Thin shape, bright colors, trendy style, a fall fashion highlights. This is Bosideng's designer, portrayed to reporters about to become a reality scene. Because Bosideng down jacket launched the "autumn down" series, will become the new fashion. Bosideng's new ideas, from the consumer's needs. Autumn For many fashion-savvy people, it's hard to dress as beautiful as spring. Traditional autumn colors, styles, fabrics, are difficult to have a major breakthrough, but the down jacket has its own unique advantages. "Just consider the down jacket from a fashion point of view, you will find that its space for innovation and change can be more traditional men and women fall." Bosideng designers talked about the design and development, "Autumn Feather," the original intention of the degree of fashion In the first place. Indeed, three major characteristics of Bosideng down jacket, fashion more full play space, fully qualified to debut in advance, "sing the protagonist" in the fall: First, the color. Down jacket in color has a unique advantage, many men's womens wear is difficult to use good color, but in the down jacket but it can be very beautiful, but also very decent. This year Bosideng's "Autumn Down" series, both to the ice, ice blue, the main color tone of pure and elegant colors, but also to bright and beautiful gorgeous color series. In a gloomy autumn environment, such colors not only decorate the eyes of others, but also decorated with their own feelings. The second is fabric. Down the fabric changes have always been avant-garde trendy, and Bosideng down jacket is a number of exclusive high-tech, with the upcoming "autumn feather," for example, satin, wire fabric, velvet, flash fabric, amber texture and dark fabrics , Far ahead of the traditional autumn, so that the fall dress is no longer immutable. Third, with the index. Bosideng designers for each piece of clothing, follow the "overall design" concept, pay attention to down jacket and other clothing with the match, "Autumn down" even more so. Whether it is denim, casual pants, or short skirts, dresses, short boots, boots, Bosideng down jacket can be cleverly collocated with it, so that the freedom of autumn dress, variability enhanced. Bosideng "Autumn down" advantage, not only reflected in the fashion, but also reflects the innovation for the fall: "Autumn Down" series uses a "high-purity feather," more lightweight and elegant, lighter than the ordinary autumn more soft, but never Do not lose the basic functions of warmth. As a leading brand of Chinese clothing, the world famous Bosideng has always walk in the forefront of the industry, walking in the forefront of fashion. "Autumn Down" series, not only created a new fashion, but also create a new concept of consumption. Bosideng "autumn feather": colorful fun 60 days in advance, so fashion 60 days in advance.

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