Foreign trade B2C website effectively promotes two strokes

[China Glass Network] How to carry out effective promotion of foreign trade B2C website? Simpler and more effective are two measures:

1. AdWords advertising AdWords ads are more directly limited. On the same day, they see the return on the same day. In the past few years, I have helped a lot of foreign trade companies to put Adwords ads, so I have a lot of big customer accounts in Adwords, and these foreign trade companies are very generous, they are willing to give me 30% service fee, that is, they give me 100,000 advertising costs, I only need to give them 70,000 OK.

Everyone knows that Adwords agents only sell 20% of the services. Why are these foreign trade companies willing to give me such high service? This is Adwords optimization technology, Adwords is high and low, and the test is OK one day, for example, testing one day for 2000 yuan advertising. I only need to spend half an hour, then add an ad group to my advertising account, then design the slogan, select the keywords, set the relevant settings for the ads, and the customer will see the proceeds immediately the next day. Seeing the benefits makes them feel very cost-effective, they will naturally pay this service fee.

2, SEO technology Adwords advertising is costly after all, and SEO technology to do a good job, you can get a large number of customers without spending money, such as a precise keyword to Google's home page, may only bring 300 IP a day But the profit of these 300 IPs may be several thousand dollars.

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