"U.BELLE" Yu faction clothing fashion women's fashion industry pioneer

"U.BELLE" apparel adhering to the popular concept of Europe and South Korea, with 25-45 years old, taste fashion, advocating popular, independent self-confidence, have a certain degree of economic ability and aesthetic vision of the new modern fashion women for the customer base; "personality, fashion, leisure "For the design concept, the combination of elegance and fashion elements, the pursuit of unique design, the color of novel, quality improvement, attention to detail and quality, prosperity and simplicity; combination of innovation and tradition to meet the diverse market demand, Won the urban women's identity and love, with good market performance has become Chongqing, a modern city women's new darling.


U.BELLE "down comforter to the first, fashionable and break the traditional framework, followed by popular, infiltration fashion, casual elements, attention to detail design, with strong and emphasize self-cultivation fit, so that the pursuit of individuality in the female Winter can wear a variety of fashion sense.

The "U.BELLE" dress emphasizes the beauty of romance and elegance. The selection of fashionable material such as silk, cotton and chiffon advocates comfortable, soft and elegant dress feeling, which reflects the noble, elegant, fashionable and romantic charm of modern urban women .

“U.BELLE ”渝派服饰时尚女装行业的时尚先锋

"U.BELLE" spring and autumn season dedicated to the personality of the atmosphere and innovative fashion design, fully demonstrate the urban women's fashion charm.

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