Decaki women have a color, interpretation of the free publicity

DIKANI advocate is a diversified fusion and continuity, black, white main colors, the classic style of the great red and three-dimensional geometric patterns as embellishment, combined into a free and publicity fashion.


Imports of high quality fabrics with implicit plus some fashion elements to break through the traditional modern high-tech printing, the fashion of the fit cut and pop elements into relaxed and free recreation, thereby enhancing the leisure taste, closer to leisure And fashion distance, emitting an irresistible atmosphere and charm of the times.

Designers clear thinking, full of feelings, tactics and considerate subtle performance, through the experience of the plate division of the refining process. The reference to the fresh changes with both increasing and unique personality to play, giving DIKANI brand a deeper cultural connotation.

迪卡妮女装 有一种色彩,演绎自由的张扬

Show modern women's fashion self-confidence and freedom of individuality. The brand gives the atmosphere, fashion and publicity feeling for the modern urban women to create infinitely wide style of interpretation space.

Christmas Doll Decoration

Novelty Christmas Stockings, Animated Santa Hat, Victorian Christmas Decoration, Acrylic Christmas Ornament, Christmas Door Decorations

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