Love Jiale children's clothing to give children the most reliable second layer of skin

RagMart is a children's clothing brand that was launched in 2002 and launched in 2003 in Japan. Its elegant clothing style, once launched, has aroused the strong reaction of the market and the popularity of the general public. After nearly six years of endeavor to create, by virtue of its fresh, stylish, innovative style design, healthy and environmentally friendly fabrics, strict quality requirements and Japan's high standards of testing and testing in the Japanese market long-term sales leader in children and parents by the Love, accompanied by innumerable Japanese children happy childhood. RagMart in many well-known shopping malls in Japan have counters, such as: Takashimaya, Tobu, Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Sogo, Odakyu, etc., now has nearly 500 stores, sales in Japan's children's wear sector in the forefront of Japan's most Popular children's wear brands. The brand philosophy is committed to creating a happy and healthy childhood for children, fashion and nature blend, so that children can experience the pastoral beauty of life. She dedicated to children not only clothing, but also a gift of childhood, become the best life, the sweetest memories. As the only RagMart production base - Port of Hui Group. In 2009, RagMart, Japan's popular children's wear brand, was introduced into the Chinese market in 2009 in order to give genuine Chinese children's clothing and healthy growth. RagMart children's clothes to "plain elegant, simple embodiment of noble" into every corner of children's life, interpretation of the children's sweet and dynamic, perfect and childlike life reflected.

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