15 fashion elements that will be popular in spring 2012

Leading Words: For women, sweet, elf, weird, innocent, or coquettish girls fashion is the most eternal style in mind. From the details of fashion design to creative gadgets and accessories, 15 will be taken together in the spring of 2012 fashion elements.


Spring 2012 Popular Elements: Berets


Asymmetrically designed berets adorned the face while also wearing the arrogance and elegance of Parisian fashion. Make it a classic and female robber Miss Bonnie, the movie "The Pirates" enlarged her favorite beret, become a classic source of fashion or modeling inspiration.


Spring 2012 popular element: Mariner collar

2. Mariner collar

In 1856, Queen Victoria made a mini-sailor suit for her son Edward and let the portraitist record it. This is the framework for the sailor's outfit to escape his uniform for the first time, and he has entered fashion. About the blue-and-white stripes of the generous collar design, in the French director Gordal's "Woman is a woman" has the best interpretation. This New Wave movie is full of pop colors, red and blue, and the heroine's sailor's shirt plus velvet scarf makes the girl's paranoia and cuteness.


Spring 2012 Popular Elements: Daisies

3. Daisy

The classic novel "The Great Gatsby" has the most accurate interpretation of the image of daisies. Its color represents the ultimate purity, and its flower bud represents an initial and beautiful state. So daisies are naturally given the meaning of a girl. In the 1960s, daisies were the flowers of the girl's aiming at the muzzle of the era of love and peace, and hippie maidens dressed in the fresh and moving fashion accessories.


Popular Elements of Spring 2012: Bowknots

Bow tie

Fashion idol Doris Day is a fan of butterfly ribbons. The image of Tom-boy and silly sister who was created on the screen made the American boys at the time dream that the neighbor would have such a pretty girl. Collars, hats, and even hairstyles are omnipresent in Doris's body. This feeling is like her most famous "Que SeraSera" singing, full of teenage-style endless fantasy.

The latest 2012 Autumn Winter Fashion Week special report:


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