German outdoor brand SLRVTRU (Stratus) children's shoes brand stationed in mainland China

Recently, the German outdoor brand SLRVTRU (Strathair) children's shoes brand stationed in mainland China, many young people concerned about the attention of young children You Haoran joined SLRVTRU (Strathair) portrait endorsement, for a time in the outdoor sports industry sparked a heated debate. China Sporting Goods Net will take you into the SLRVTRU (St. pull way), into Bao Hui. SLRVTRU (Stratus) brand was established in Germany in 1885, the main R & D and production of professional youth mountaineering and hiking and other outdoor supplies. An outstanding 100-year-old outdoor brand, over the years continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and improve quality, maintaining the hiking shoes, hiking shoes and other children's shoes camping supplies on the lead, while developing a full range of outdoor clothing, has formed its own unique competitive advantage , The evolution has become a leader in outdoor ecological brand of young people. The brand stationed in Bao Hui, it is precisely because the strength of Bao Hui enterprises and the connotation of the brand and the culture here complement each other, but also hope to start SLRVTRU (Stratus) brand journey, SLRVTRU Hui Footwear Co., Ltd. was established in Germany Straturge International Holdings Limited, the official authorized SLRVTRU (Strathair) ecological outdoor shoes and accessories products (China) only permanent operators, with unique thinking for each of China's young people service. The joint efforts of the two parties will uphold the pursuit of creating the "First Outdoor Brand for Adolescents in Ecology" and adhere to the style of "Accumulate and Accumulate" to strive to maintain a strong "combat effectiveness" and to make SLRVTRU (San La Tou) children's shoes and children's clothing a leader in the industry , Will provide consumers with professional, high-quality, stylish outdoor products as the goal, to promote the return of natural and healthy outdoor culture and noble taste, healthy and leisure life philosophy.

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