olika (EU force) 2012 spring and summer new shape free and easy fashion

olika ( EU force ) brand women's spring and summer 2012 new album

Oliver English name for the olika, it is based in Shenzhen Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand. According to Jia clothing under the Hong Kong Gao Xiang Group is Italy olika patented operations in the Asia Pacific region. Company's existing market operations center, research and development center, production center, administration, promotion, logistics and other departments, has covered more than 40 major cities in China, including one or two major consumer cities and more than 100 franchise stores, to create the Chinese women's sector Well-known brand

olika A Swedish word meaning "various" It represents a variety of people, each with its own unique style. Ou Li Jia is synonymous with fashion and personality. Everyone wearing it will have a different feeling, different mood. Innovative design techniques, simple shape, free and easy, clever use of popular elements in the details, emphasizing the individual taste and practical balance. Seemingly simple products implicate complex structural details everywhere, highlighting the modern and fashion sense.

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