JOJO children's clothing to create children's fashion life

JOJO children's clothing is a clothing company in Shenzhen City Dee Abe children's clothing brand. Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Di Chi Garment Co., Ltd. operates two major brands of "JOJO" mainly in black and white and "D Aberdeen" mainly in color. Now it has developed into an integrated design, production and domestic and foreign trade. Large companies, with high-quality professional team, with excellent quality and integrity of the business has won the recognition and favor of many customers at home and abroad. JOJO children's clothing style to occupy the domestic and international markets in the fashion personality, since put on the market, rave reviews. With the avant-garde style, affordable price and perfect management mode, the marketing mode of "big brand, small area and fine farming" has gradually formed a large-scale, systematic and professional operation mode. The successful establishment of the northeast , North China, Central China, South China and other major regions, and gradually developed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other markets, products are also exported to South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao; chain of successful management experience, quality and stable product quality, Brand promotion mode of operation and professional norms of professional conduct, to bring children's clothing market with a new brand marketing concept. JOJO committed to creating children's fashion life, and strive to improve the cultural elements of children's wear, continue to draw on advanced management experience and management skills to improve product quality and service quality, providing consumers with fashion personality brand children's clothing and continuously enhance brand value and brand image, Determined to build the leading brand of Chinese children's clothing, build the nation's best children's clothing franchise chain system.

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Mongolian Lamb Fur Cushion

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