Pumpkin buds green children's clothing, healthy growth of children

Today's children are the parents of "palm treasure" on hand fear fell, with fear in his mouth! The healthy growth of children is the greatest wish of parents! Children's bodies are not growing well often bite clothing, traditional clothing after chemical bleaching, painting, personal clothing material carrying a large number of toxins, the child's physical and mental development will certainly lead to major disease-induced. Therefore, the choice of children's clothing has been significantly changed. Their demand for children's clothing is no longer just for the sake of durability and beauty. More attention has been devoted to changes in safety, greenness, health and environmental protection, and consumer behavior has become more rational. Pumpkin bud selection of green fabrics, in strict compliance with the requirements of the ISO1400 environmental management system, the use of dyed dye pigment is derived from natural plants, the extraction process does not use chemical raw materials, dyeing process does not use chemical additives, to a maximum extent Reduce pollution, is a truly green children's clothing environmental safety. To ensure that it is non-toxic and pollution-free, and completely avoids the infringement of children's bodies by the chemicals in poor fabrics and enables Chinese children and children to grow up healthily. Social progress, the trend in the development of consumer willingness to buy more will be linked with the concept of product innovation and quality. Pumpkin buds 2012 spring new use of cotton texture, so that children have a comfortable experience, comfortable living, enjoy the sun, combined with international design concepts, followed by children's fashion trends in 2012 colorful joy, from childhood to childhood innocence and bring children extremely Enjoy, happy life, happy growth. At the same time learn the essence of European culture, close to the main source of children's wear design and green, so that children grow up healthy.

      C100 fabric`s main raw matetial is cotton.generall speaking,c100 fabric is well in moisture absorption and heat resistant as well as comfortable in wearing.cotton fiber is natural fiber.C100 fabric has not any stimulation to skin,it is harmless to human body when wearing long period of time.beacuse C100 fabric has characters of moisture absorption,heat resistant,alkali-resistant and health,it is wide range used for underwear,medical fabric,women dress fabric and so on.

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