Brand Strategy Promotes Linyi Liubian to Win the Market

“While the prices of wicker and accessories have been rising all the way, the sales are better. This is due to the fact that in recent years we have won the market by playing brands and winning quality. Now, our orders have been consecutive and orders have been placed in May and June. "On March 4, at the Shanghai China Fair, a person in charge of a certain Liubian company in Linyi said. "Sales volume" is not as good as "selling quality", and the brand will win a big market. Linyi County took advantage of the situation to actively guide Liuzhou companies to inject trademarks and apply for patent work, so that Linyi Liubian wind and light out of the "country", to the rest of the world, won the big market.

According to reports, many Liubian companies in the county have held the idea of ​​earning a living in the past few years, blindly pursuing large orders and doing their work. The weaving industry is ubiquitous. Although strict quality control has always been emphasized, there have been no concrete measures and policies. Regardless of the quality of the product, only the product is sold out. The result is that the company suffers from outstanding problems such as pressure from foreign customers and price reduction. The most important one is that Liubian's products do not have its own brand. In addition, due to the decline of the US dollar in recent years and the sluggishness of the Japanese market coupled with the fact that the quality of the products is not too rigid, the products exported to Japan have no market outlets, and companies generally cause product backlogs and orders to drop sharply. After experiencing many painful lessons, companies gradually realized that "selling quantity" is not as good as "selling quality." Linyi Liubian Fabrication Co., Ltd. needs to be big and powerful, must have excellent quality to shape its own image and play brand battles.

In recent years, Linyi Liubian gradually embarked on the road of “winning with quality, independent innovation, and brand development”. The county actively guided Liubian enterprises to establish the awareness of “marking of trademarks, application of patents, and branding of trees” and continuously improved the strength of independent research and development of enterprises. Strengthen brand awareness, carry out structural and variety innovations, and transform products from “multiple varieties and simple types” to “boutique-type and environment-friendly types”. Take measures such as policy tilt and financial support, actively encourage and support leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization Liubian to participate in trademark registration and brand certification, guide enterprises to register trademarks, hit green flags, and create high-quality brands. In order to promote corporate brand innovation, to obtain the international quality system certification or to participate in the registration of foreign trademark fees, within the subsidy amount of up to 100,000 yuan per enterprise, a subsidy of less than 50% is given. On this basis, the county implemented a more proactive fiscal incentive policy, that is, for each new trademark registered by Liubian Enterprises in the country, each trademark would be awarded 1,000 yuan; for those enterprises that were awarded the “Export and Famous Brands for Linfen City's Key Cultivation and Development” Reward 1.5 million. Last year, the county's Linyi Sunny Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. applied for a "new type of aluminum alloy handle wicker basket" obtained national intellectual property patents, and the "clear" brand Liubian reported was named "the first top ten well-known brands of high quality agricultural products in Yimeng." The County Xiangxing Company applied for 29 patents, Qingyuan 21, and Jinliu 26. These certified willow products are effective in extending the industrial chain while also strengthening the stamina for the development of the county economy.

The "selling quantity" is not as good as "selling a brand". Today, Linbian County Liubian companies rely on “small trademarks” to enjoy the “big sweetness” of the market. Linfen County has been named by the State Forestry Administration as "the township of China's famous special economic forests and willows," awarded by the Shandong Provincial Government as "the county of the willow products industry base in Shandong Province", awarded by the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association as "the capital of China's Willows," and the country. The Trademark Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered the geographical indication of Linfen Liubian. Wickerworks has also registered 5 trademarks, and its products have entered markets in the United States, Japan, Korea, and Europe. Many Liubian brands have won the market and become the "new engine" of Lincang Liubian's income increase.

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