Hans hits "one-stop shopping"

Recently, the Hans Family Life Museum proposed to build a “Suning” model of Chinese “indoors” clothing, integrating the sales bottleneck of the existing home service market, breaking through the status quo of a single channel and a single product, a new type of commercial chain model, high quality and excellent Valuable product concept, one-stop high-quality shopping experience, and humanized terminal service... The Hans Home Furnishings Life Center refreshed the business model of the entire industry in this new form, attracting many people in and outside the industry.

According to Guo Yongbiao, Chairman of Guangzhou Han's Department Store, Hans Family Life is a brand-new model for winning the terminal with all categories. Its core is to integrate the sales bottleneck of the existing home service market, breaking the single channel single product, covering all four seasons. Products include home clothing, underwear, socks, slippers, towels, children's underwear, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, and products for female family members. The appearance of the Hans Family Life Museum has shown a new sensible lifestyle for the majority of consumers and met their one-stop shopping needs.

Hans Home Life Museum first established a “home” atmosphere. The interior design of the museum was based on the European design style. It incorporated a unique high-quality psychological experience into the Home Wear market and promoted a home lifestyle that was also fashionable at home. Fashion home clothes with fashion design philosophy, so that the market began to re-look at home service, home service is no longer just another name for pajamas, but the quality of home life symbols and symbols. Hans has always sought to popularize stylish home life.

Guo Yongbiao introduced: “Hans Home Furnishing Living Hall has direct marketing through two years, has more than 100 living halls, and is currently increasing the speed of new stores every month for 78. In order to reduce the investment risk of franchisees, We first used the direct channel to create the profit model of the Hans Family Life Museum. After passing the test of the business model, we officially launched the strategic plan to enter the country in 2012. Next, we are ready to replicate the profit model of the Hans Family Life Museum to the national market. The key markets are located south of the Yangtze River, and with the market north of the Yangtze River as an aid, gradually cultivate the market.”

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