LACOSTE spring 2012 new series of casual shoes published

LACOSTE from France has always been to create a French casual clothing line, the latest invited designers MARK GODWIN and PIERRE GARNIE co-creation of a new series of LED - LACOSTE ESSENTIAL DESIGN. This series uses leather and canvas to create, more details of the design, and with spring and summer dazzling color. This collection is available at atmos and costs between ¥ 10,500 and ¥ 14,700.

Industrial Felt for Aluminium extrusions

Temperature-resistant Felts including Kevlar Felt tube, Roller Sleeve and Kevlar Felt conveyor belt, Strip Pad use for cooling bed of Aluminium extrusions.

Industrial Felt for Textile Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing Felt, Textile Industry Felt, Transfer Printing Felt Belt, Nomex Transfer Printing Felt Belt, Nomex Felt Belt. It is made of special high quality raw material: 100 % Nomex, the heat resistant could be 260c degree.

Felts for the Leather Industry
Endless needled Felts  used for leather ironers with precisely ground surface to guarantee an easy handling of the hides.

Felts for the Steel Industry

The Wool Felt , Polishing Felt and more Synthetic needle felt used for Steel industry

Endless Felt For Fiber Cement Board
Our Cement board felt is designed for the production of cement board and tile.
It has good reputation because of its unique properties and advanced production process.

Synthetic Needle Felt OEM

 Industrial Felt made of needle punched nonwoven fabric, we supply OEM of all kinds of polyester needle felt, wool felt, aramid felt, viscose felt and Color Felts ,Flame Retardant Felt, Oil Absorption Felt,Filter Felts etc.

Industrial Felts

Industrial Felts,Industrial Wool Felt,Industrial Felt Pads,Industrial Felt Rolls