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High Family "Living Parent-Child Pack" is uniquely designed with exquisite craftsmanship and vivid colors, revealing the strong atmosphere of European parents and children. It pays close attention to the pleasures of joyful and happy parent-child interpretation. At the same time, people's hearts and desires and dreams of their loved ones are even more profound. Into real clothing, trying to make clothing as part of a better life. In the international fashion industry has set a unique fashion coordinates. Parents and children wearing the same type of paternity and the same type of equipment, that was busy work and many business-ridden and alienated family relations, has been re-integrated. The integration of similar clothing so that weekdays tired tired parents in the warmth to stretch the mood. Family members wearing the same style, the same color of clothing, closer to the family style modeling, sharing of fresh and warm life. The upscale family has always insisted on the trendy style of fashion combined with the United States, by the vast number of consumers chasing each other, has become the focus of fashion brand paternity. This fall, the fashion family-run collection launched by the elite family is instantly sought after by many families.

Consinee Group-Top Line, The world  manufacturers and suppliers of Fancy Yarn
Top Line, creates and produces fancy yarn, fashionable novelties for high end knitwear production in China with precious raw materials, cost effectiveness and convenient conditions. We provide good environment for product development with professional designer and technician, imported machinery and facility in China.
Top Line Fancy yarn:
The annual capacity of fancy yarns is over 2000 tons inlcluding Fancy Cashmere Yarn, fancy Mohair Yarn, Fancy Alpaca Yarn, fancy Wool Knitting Yarn etc. Together with the wisdom and diligence of Chinese, we draw upon the traditions and history of British textiles, the elegance of Italy and the luxury of French, to create an exceptional global product for professional high-end market buyers.

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