Choose the right curtains to make your baby grow up healthily

The role of the curtain in the room is not ordinary, it not only plays a finishing touch for the home decoration, but more importantly it is closely related to our health. The children's room is a small place where the baby rests and plays at home. The selection of the curtains is more beautiful. Only the parents notice the mystery of the baby, so that the baby can grow healthier and more happy.

Mysterious point 1: Pay attention to the orientation of the children's room window

Children's room windows are different in orientation, and the light intensity in the room is different. Therefore, choose the curtain according to the index of the sun:

1. Select a blind in the east

The east room is always the most sunny room in the morning. You can choose between silky venetian blinds and vertical blinds, which can illuminate the dazzling light with subtle tones, while the fabric blades on the back reduce the light intensity. This kind of gentle light can make the baby wake up at first sight and have a good mood.

2. South window with double curtains

The south window is a sunny window, and the warm light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet rays. The sun will affect people's rest through the curtains in the morning. Therefore, the choice of curtains in the south window should consider sun protection, UV protection, and can spread the light.

Double-layer curtains are the best choice for hanging in the south window. The curtains are unfolded during the day, which not only transmits light, but also converts strong sunlight into soft light and can also see the outside scenery. Pulling up the curtain below at night can give the baby a sleeping environment.

3. The west window chooses a pleated curtain

The setting sun is the strongest time of day. Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, wooden curtains and specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices. They can refract sunlight on their own planes, thus weakening the intensity of the light and giving the furniture some protection. Because strong sunlight can damage the color and luster of the furniture surface, the fabric is also easy to fade.

4. Choose an art curtain in the north

The light in the north is milder and evener. Usually the north window is suitable for some egg-colored or translucent plain curtains, not dark curtains. In addition, the curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the pattern should not be slanted, otherwise it will cause people to feel tilted.

Mysterious point two: pay attention to the pattern of children's room curtains

The pattern of children's room curtains should start from the child's heart, such as choosing the stars and the moon pattern, so that the baby can be quiet. In addition, you can also choose a variety of cartoon patterns, such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, etc., so that the baby feels a sense of intimacy.

How The Vnt Turbo Actuator should work 
    The lever on the outside is welded to a lever inside the turbo housing. This is how it moves the VNT vanes.  It should not stick or bind at all. Vacuum is being applied to the can, not pressure. When there's no vacuum (engine off), the rod is fully extended because the spring inside the can is pushing it open. As engine rpm goes up and more turbo boost is requested by the car's computer, the N75 solenoid allows vacuum pressure to go to the can and the rod retracts under vacuum pressure. In other words, at full vacuum, the lever should be at the stop screw (not visible). This moves the internal vanes and gives more boost. At full rest, the rod should be fully extended but not hitting anything. Because this relies on vacuum pressure, it's essential that the vacuum lines and N75 solenoid/wiring are working and not leaking.
    The VNT actuator looks like a wastegate can and uses a lever to move the VNT vanes inside the turbo. VNT actuator and wastegates are similar in location and appearance so don't get confused if you see the term wastegate used instead of VNT actuator. The biggest difference between them is that a wastegate can uses pressure to work and is only found on older mk3 TDI. The VNT actuator on mk4 Garrett turbos uses vacuum to suck its rod in. Borg Warner actuators found on newer TDI use vacuum to push their rods out.

The VNT Turbo Actuator

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