"CIBIBOS" Xi Kabo men's clothing industry in China a dark horse

"CIBIBOS" brand from the United States, is the United States Sikapo Group International Holdings Limited under the brand May 18, 1998 into China to set up Quanzhou Shi Ka Bashi Clothing Co., Ltd, located in the beautiful coastal city of China Clothing Capital - Quanzhou, Fujian "CIBIBOS" In Korea, Hong Kong, Guangzhou with product research and development center "CIBIBOS" With the world's leading fashion trends, innovative ideas, open, unique interpretation of the charm of a new era of men. Xi Kabo Shi Clothing Co., Ltd 15 years to research and development design, production and sales as one, specializing in the production of fashion business casual men. Xi Kashi Boshi business and leisure men's quality positioning in the high-end, the price positioning in the low-end, in the country have developed more than 100 terminal brand outlets. In order to adapt to the continuous improvement of business casual men's wear in the domestic terminal market, we will continue to expand the domestic market in 2012. After our comprehensive market research and analysis, we have officially started the investment promotion and brand operation of China's terminal direct stores, and have become a place for domestic and international famous brands for CIBIBOS Shikapu business and leisure men's wear. CIBIBOS has always adhered to the principle of operating around the brand's quality, taste and service. With its professional brand operation mode, CIBIBOS always grasps the pulse of the fashion trend and continuously strengthens the brand culture. It continuously improves the quality of life for the savvy people. The product line Rich, including T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, suits, casual pants, shirts, underwear, shoes, leather goods and other men's series. CIBIBOS Xi Ka Bosi business casual men's, including business casual, Korean version of the trend of self-denim three major series: shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, casual suits, jackets, windbreaker, casual trousers, casual jeans, 45-year-old white-collar workers and successful business men, many styles and stylish, simple and innovative, suitable for the needs of modern men's life. High-quality fashion quality, reasonable economic prices, Xi Kashi Boshi business casual men has been favored by the majority of customers.

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