Bvlgari style evolved - across the eternal art of jewelry

Jumping brightness and bold collision color, it can be said that Bulgari unique creative and spiritual features. In fact, looking back at Bulgari classic works of the 1920s and 1930s, follow the classic French design style - using only a single color of the gems with diamonds, platinum. By the 1940s and 1950s, the use of color began to show a different style, the precious metal material to replace the diamond pavé to create a smooth texture of the ribbon design let us first saw the emergence of Bulgari creativity, and then a Elegant section of the lioness bracelet to emerald, ruby, diamonds, gold and platinum wonderful color and shape became Bulgari diversification began. The real fascination with Bulgari's color play is its 1960s work, the gold bib-necklace that was created in 1965 with emeralds, amethysts, turquoise and diamonds adorned with gold, From the middle of the inlay after the smaller shape to create a smooth gradient of color, colorful and not complicated. Another example is this set of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds to decorate the flower necklace and earrings, both the classical style and brilliant colors, even now see is still full of fashionable atmosphere. Follow Bvlgari's color style, today's design is more colored gemstones as a jewelry design jewelry, and into the late will be life, natural elements for the inspiration of modeling ideas, create a more colorful, more rounded lines Fluent, styling more bold style of work. For example, Sapphire Flower series and Mediterranean Eden series of flower shapes, colored gems to create five petals, with different shapes of diamonds to create the details and so on are like before the essence of the classic antique jewelry, but let people experience To the bold concept of innovation. In addition to the gorgeous bold color impact, Bvlgari jewelry will be full of historical texture and background of the ancient coins embedded in the new design jewelry, but also the most people can see the creativity and heritage of Bvlgari brought out the eternal design concept. From the 1970s onwards, a series of necklaces with gold links as the main body, inlaying silver coins, gold coins and silver coins, accompanied by diamond embellishment make these precious ancient coins rejuvenate the second artistic life. In turn, Tubogas collars, each with an antique coin set in two-tone gold, are full of rich Egyptian royal atmosphere. Today, the Bvlgari Monete collection continues the beauty of the arts with the combination of old coins and creative design. The precious coins with a sense of history have a different kind of seduction in the smooth, rounded surface of gold. Coupled with smooth and concise lines , We can find the gorgeous bloom in the strong contrast between the classical and the modern. Before the ancient coins that aristocratic beauty of the design becomes more stylish and more practical, not just the necklace, rings, coins were applied to the details of Bulgari design details, so that the prestigious symbol will always inadvertently show Its magical charm. The eternal vitality of art lies in that it can always extend a brand new style and form in the beauty of the classic. The unforgettable charm of the jewelry lies in the aesthetic philosophy that it can actively reflect the delicate spirituality in the bright luster. When the art and jewelry in creative marriage arbitrary sway exquisite noble brush, the book is Bulgari volume intriguing, fascinating picture of luxury. This people still think after the imagination, the upsurge of the Bulgari 125 years of Italian classic art exhibition in Shanghai Aurora Museum portrait showing more than 600 rare treasures, as if in a few hours of exhibitions to appreciate Bulgari Legendary and design evolution: the first appearance of Elizabeth Taylor collection of jewelry, the last public appearance of private collections of antique jewelry, a rare encounter with us in Shanghai, perhaps this is our once in a lifetime visual feast, perhaps only this Once, we can really through the true collection of jewelry learned that a brand or even the most detailed visual journey of the evolution of the art history of jewelry. April 17, this once-in-a-lifetime Bulgari art fair is coming to an end. How can we not take the time to walk into this trek in Italy?

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