Zheng Xiu crystal cold wind wear tutorial and Xiu Jing learn to wear cold

Recently, the cold cold epidemic, many stars have also followed the example of people want to wear out of their own cold, but to speak of the representative of the star of the cold frost, Xiaobian must be our Goddess ah! Goddess teach you how to wear sex cold wind, and Xiujing learn wearing frigid! Xiujing like sister know, in fact, Xiujing really like black, Xiujing in the lens of the airport, black silk shirt with dark jeans, this simple interpretation of the outfit is a good cold four words, To countless fans to prove what is brain powder, it is so beautiful it! Although you do not have the high value of the show crystal, but you can also learn to control her frigid, such as KENNY 2016 autumn and winter models Demonstration: black oblique Shique show a little care machine sexy, with black knit wide leg pants, like goddess just like, Although only understatement, but it completely outlines, belongs to a woman charming and handsome feeling can throw you look.