Congratulations to the urban wardrobe women Guanlan shop in Shenzhen opened in September

The first day of September, the city womens wardrobe ushered in the new store opened the good news, then Xiaobian I wish the city womens wardrobe Shenzhen Guanlan shop opened! Business is booming! Also hope that the city closet in the autumn September store more and more! Performance soaring! Urban wardrobe women are positioned in the diversified style of fashion leisure, style series, with strong sex, strive to create a living women's wardrobe as the goal, to a fashion, casual, Lead the trend of urban women. City wardrobe womens clothing products varied and innovative style to meet the different ages of women working dress of different requirements, since its inception has been popular with women of all ages, and the new store is naturally a lot of new openings, a lot of concessions, like the city wardrobe Women's friends do not miss! Address for the new store in Shenzhen Guanlan Zhangge Market Huilong Department Store 1 floor, look forward to your baby to bring home Oh!