New store tide continued to press Miss women's travel two stores settled in Yiwu, Shaoguan City

April world day, Mo negative good spring. Just walked in April, according to the song women's franchisee business is on the rise - Dongguan Xicheng Tianhe Department Store Song joined Miss You on April 28 in the city of Shaoguan Yihua business more than a song by the brand stores . Congratulations to the new store business is booming, extra cash! Travel Miss by song women's clothing store, followed has always been elegant, generous style, bright and spacious new store design; warm wood flooring, to bring warm sweet enjoyment to consumers. To the new store shopping words must not miss the summer by the song women's new listing opportunities, all kinds of neat clothing arranged in the shelves, in the soft light embellishment, can not miss the opportunity to change the United States. According to the song women in the advent of 5.1, the national market everywhere. You already have a shop tour Miss, the new addition of more than one shop, new wave of wave after wave of new stores, step by step will be song brand charm sway to all parts of the country, further extending the brand strong market competitiveness!