Winter skirt with cold again to create a perfect curve

Still, as always, will choose a complete set of thermal underwear it? Wrap every day with a dumpling festival? Slim curve in winter. Into the air-conditioned room, take off the coat, showing such a rare curve of the season body. Get rid of the title of peerless woman reeling, from the choice of clothing. See this dress, love fashion girl started HOLD could not live. Collar lace trim, very special. Tight elastic cuff design is also icing on the cake. The most eye-catching is the waist red and black belt embellishment, but also highlight the curve of the waist, the overall coordination. Outside to catch a dark gray coat, feminine. Light orange dotted shirt really sweet. T-shirt black round neck shape and underneath the skirt is very echoes. A small round collar at the collar makes the whole more lovely. The weather is cold, and then put on a jacket or woolen coat are very stylish Oh. Pictures from: è®´ Goethe Women's Autumn and winter series