"Re · create" 2016 Kadin brand spring summer shoes new orders will come to an end

From October 08 to October 14, 2015, a week-long "Reward" Cardin brand spring and summer 2016 new orders will be at the Kadin headquarters grand curtain! The orders will be released spring and summer new shoes and apparel follow Kadin "have a dream happy" brand advocates, continue to promote healthy and happy life experience of children and adolescents, innovation, dreams to create the most market-competitive product line. Products greatly invited nationwide agents, retailers praise, a new marketing model - Kadin children's life service platform concept resonates, ordering will be a complete success! Apparel orders surge, popular cotton-linen blends Because of the continued expansion of the shoe clothing store, the market demand continued to grow and other factors, the order Kadin clothing orders over the previous year has been significantly improved. With "campus life" and "leisure life" released two major series of spring and summer apparel products have been praised by customers. Especially in the successful promotion of animated films, Kadin exclusive animation clothing chain effect, the surrounding hot also makes customers bold orders. The order meeting, cotton and linen blended materials, new clothing is extremely compelling. Because of the previous Karting T-shirt main cotton quality experience, this time, Kadin clothing R & D team is innovative to join the "cotton linen" fabric use. Cotton and linen blended fabrics combine the advantages of cotton and linen, which can dissipate heat quickly and breathe more comfortably. At the same time, it also effectively prevents static electricity from damaging baby's body. Cotton and linen blend all natural fiber weaving, low-carbon environment, and now the international fashion trends consistent with the textile and apparel. Careful selection of fabrics, ingenuity of the designer coupled with Kadin cartoon elements icing on the cake, Kadin spring and summer clothing new set to start in 2016 a beautiful battle! Like praised leather shoes, sports shoes lead the Olympic tide As a leader in children's clothing industry, Kadin is the original children's shoes with nearly 10 years of development history of the brand, especially in children's shoes research and development, production, Kadin brand To "quality, innovation and function" to occupy an absolute peer status. The release of spring and summer new spring shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes and summer beach shoes, children's shoes and other children's shoes. A wide range of shoes, fashion design has won the widespread recognition of customers, have achieved excellent order results. Among them, Kadin spring leather shoes used in the first layer of leather, "soft and breathable, comfortable to wear" has become very sought-after "star." Known as anti-bacterial kart sneakers still defend the strongest position. Believe that with the advent of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, karting shoes will once again tide of sports heat, leading the Olympic style. Of course, super canvas shoes, "soft power" beach shoes also performed well. "This shoe design is very stylish front, material mix and match visually very comfortable, taking into account the details of the place, great!" "Full of confidence in the kart shoes, full confidence in next year's performance!" Most of the customers are highly praised. Dynamic Kadin culture and Kadin cartoon image derived from some of the rich elements of the column, giving positive positive energy Kadin products, brave transcendence, the pursuit of the cultural connotation of dreams, so that Kadin is different from other children's brands. Designers to broad brand culture as the inspiration, innovation and interpretation, showing the times, the trend of children's new style combined closely, like! Follow the Internet +, strength to build a new platform With the advent of the Internet + era, new thinking and technology bring new changes. In the follow-up development mode of the Internet +, Kadin brand adheres with the times, determine the mode transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry is imperative. The order meeting, Huang Chengcai, general manager of the new business model has been shared - Kadin child life service platform for the initial build. On October 11, "Rex 创 2016 Karting Brand Marketing Summit and Symposium", Kadin Huang Chengcai, general manager of brand development trends, will be the next decade of Kadin 2.0 era and Kadin children's life service platform With all right. Kadin child life service platform initially proposed by the O2O official mall, animation platform and brand service composed of three parts. Platform is based on the brand's own development of an open service platform, is a brand + animation + Internet one-stop experience platform. General Huang said: "The platform relies on nearly 2,000 stores under the Kadin brand line, with more than 2 million members as the cornerstone, forming a brand new Kadin business ecosystem that drives service consumption with animation and promotes industrial development." Is a good move for win-win cooperation among brands, distributors and consumers. "Under the leadership of General Manager Kading Huang Chengcai," Rexone 2016 "- Cardin brand will be" honed for 10 years and will innovate for the future "Pioneering spirit, the rapid development of the" Internet + "a new era, to achieve Kadin children's life, entertainment, shopping experience in one of the new consumption patterns, create a brand new year, creating a new brand peak!