"Boches BOCI" denim brand story

In the early 1930s, an old alleyway originating in Houston, in the western United States, had a tailor's shop. Owner Boucher was an informal, enthusiastic, optimistic and confident smile who could often Some of the new elements blend into his craftsmanship, where his craft is a must, so his tailor shop often brings together a loyal follower. A fortuitous inspiration, he put a seemingly unobtrusive canvas into a very unique color bag, when he put out the pants on the day, many new and old customers flocked, have asked press This custom-made, so this trendy pants immediately spread throughout the streets, forming a general chase stick boom, enduring. Its original technology and version to the contemporary American jeans culture left an indelible mark on the culture. The late 70s, Burce II experienced the Vietnam War inherited the ancestral ancestors, "Botts" for the name of the tailor shop, extending his father's legend. In his opinion, his father created a multi-pocket jeans denim love free, unrestrained personality, he firmly believes that this is the trend of the public. In 1985, Little Botts, who had been influenced by his grandfather and father since childhood, became an outstanding costume designer and opened the first "Baker Botts" clothing store named after his family name in Houston, Rapid rise in the U.S. market. In 1988, he traveled extensively to collect design inspiration from all over the world. He traveled to Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan city of cosmopolitan clothing, and was immediately impressed by Hong Kong's thick atmosphere of Chinese culture and world culture. He was lingering everywhere in Hong Kong, While sightseeing, while capturing the trend of the tide, and preparing for the expansion of Hong Kong market. In less than a year, he set up a "BOCI Botz" clothing store in Mong Kok. During his visit to major cities in China, "Chinese style" gave him a lot of design inspiration. Was born in the tailor family, a small Boet childhood fashion design has a keen sense of insight and can not stop the creativity, determined to make progress in life attitude, free and easy personality is perfectly reflected in his design and technology, and With the vast market in mainland China giving him a broader and firmer goal, he decided to set up its head office in Hong Kong and register the family-owned "BOCI Botz" Group Limited to explore more splendid undertakings. In 2007, the Boches BOCI brand entered mainland China for the first time. The Boches BOCI brand was original and full of cowboy spirit. Its brand identity is more prominent in the Chinese mainland apparel market. Its products rapidly open the north and south markets and are widely used by consumers in all walks of life Love. BOCI Botz brand clothing using traditional crafts, the choice of tough car line, without any processing of fabrics to rigorous hand-made and production line production, through careful inspection, fit cutting, Seiko sewing, professional washing and trendy printing And other complex processes, so that denim clothing is no longer simply durable, but also gives a variety of personalized fashion elements taste, wearing casual comfort, style of natural self. So far, BOCI Botts brand introduced a full set of advanced foreign production equipment and production technology, selection of mercerized cotton, cotton and other high-grade fabric fine carving, so that BOCI Bozi brand men and women denim apparel series more exquisite, modern city Cowboy elements perfect presentation. Free and enterprising, showing individuality, BOCI Botz contains a pure American cowboy charm, with original wild and urban sensibilities, with a unique brand culture, in the modern city of the twenty-first century, a positive struggle for the performance of life Concept and a new way of life. From an alley in Houston, the United States, went to the bustling Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Hefei ,,,,,, that an easy-going, unrestrained luxury, amazing look all the way. Whether in the past or future, Boci BOCI will fall at the forefront of denim dress design, leading the fashion style, and create the new century trend, the continuation of the western cowboy classic.