Fat people with fat clothing suitable for wearing cotton clothing?

Fat is no spring, but no summer, do not look at the text to define their own body, the ancient fat also for the United States? So no matter what body you are, do not give up the pursuit of beautiful things, such as beautiful clothes, a white cover three ugly, a fat ruin all, this is not true, as long as good use of their own body just fine, Oshm Auchan constant beauty Fat women with clothing, fat, but also social cotton clothing Oh.


Fat can not wear too thin to wear clothes, pinch fat on the out, more nausea, relaxed look at the more generous, but not significant meat Oh, Oshm Auchan constant fit women wear cotton dress, Do not wear too fat and elegant dress, put on to wear a floral skirt, so that color can block the fat, do not think this is a piece of meat that piece is anything else, it seems more strange, are looking skirt dress Are flowers, who pay attention to your fat it? So fat girl choose clothes is very important.

胖人服饰搭配 胖子适合穿棉麻服装吗?

Oshm Auchan constant beauty of loose cotton dress, the upper body is still a little self-cultivation design, fat girl chest are relatively large, it is a fact that the upper body was thinner to show the chest type, lower body loose your fat will disappear, A Word skirt is also more suitable for fat girl Oh, fat people do not have no confidence, to Oshm Auchan Heng beauty to wear it, confident to regain it.